Aspasia Nasopoulou

Co-Composing Amsterdam

Composers collective

CoCoA is an open composers collective based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
The practice of the collective is to initiate, compose, organize and participate in projects in which their co-compositions will be performed. These projects may be concerts, recordings, performances, films and documentaries.
The CoCoA ambition is to generate ideas and events that will innovate the music scene and they hope to be that in continuous dialogue with players and listeners.
Groups of two or three composers are formed every time working on one composition per team.

In 2015 we did the premiere of the group with the project Orter Aerial in Amsterdam Dance Event with live musicians and dj.
In July 2017 three compositions were especially written for Cheng Yu-Wu, flute and electronics and performed in different cities in Taiwan and China.
Some of the involved composers: Andys Skordys, Kaveh Varez , Aleksandra Popovska, Olger Star, Enrique Mendoza, Floris van der Vlugt.

Upcoming project Grotesque Creatures in autumn 2019- winter 2020 with Duo Bilitis.

Orter Aerial

Documentary about the Orter Aerial project /performance which took place in Amsterdam Dance Event 2015

Documentary about CoCoA, VPRO