Aspasia Nasopoulou

Meet the composer


three shows in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Nijmegen

Meet the composer

Three surprising portrait evenings in three different cities in The Netherlands
Nijmegen, Rotterdam and Amsterdam
With interviewers: Stine Jensen, Mike Boddé and Paul Haenen
The shows were aiming to bring the ‘image’ of the contemporary composer closer to the audience
Supported by Nieuwe Geneco and Fondspodiumkunst


(on the left with Stine Jensen, Marijn Korff de Gidts and Antonis Pratsinakis)

Meet the composer


Kristjan Martinsson, piano
Marijn Korff de Gidts, percussion
Roberto Genova, saxophone
Antonis Pratsinakis, cello
Elena Papakostopoulou, guest soparno

For those evenings except of my existing music and music I chose, I composed the piece
Zwarte steen in de zee for piano, saxophone and djembe which premiered in theater Lux in Nijmegen
Supported by Nieuw Geneco

Watch Zwarte steen in de zee